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Sunday nights article Apr 2012

Hi, could you tells us what group you’re going to be writing about?

Hello, I'm going to be writing about Sunday nights at square corner.

Great! So, what happens on a Sunday night?

We all gather and have a little chat at the start then we get into listening to someone teaching about God and read the bible. Then we do some worship.

That sounds good, what kind of things do you learn about?

We learn about what God does and read bits in the bible that relate to the theme that we are learning about that night. We did some Youth Alpha for a while and then we got into just meeting up every Sunday night. And Peters brother came in for a talk with us and so did his friend.

Cool! What has been your favorite thing to do as part of the group?

My favorite thing to do as part of the group is to talk in our groups and discuss things. To see every other persons opinion on things.

Brilliant! If someone from outside the youth group asked you about Sunday nights, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that they should come along because it is really fun and you always get to study quite a lot about the bible and do some worship which is great! And also you get to have discussion and see what other peoples opinions are and add to it.

Sounds fun! Do you ever have any special events or socials?

Yes we go on a few night walks such as Wildside which is really fun because we stop and listen to everything around us and we walk by ourselves in the dark sometimes and we sit and pray. We also go on trips such as St Georges house which was good because we did a lot of fun activities and we got to get away from home and do things we haven’t done in a long time.

Amazing! What kind of things are you going to be doing after Easter?

We are going to be doing a lot of fun things after Easter such as: a trip to the night church at Exeter Cathedral and a music night and plenty of good talks on Sunday nights including having your faith with you, feed the world, being voluntary and plenty more there is also going to be a trip to Soul Fire.