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by Sam

Here's an excellent piece of writing shared by one of the young people who came on the St George's House trip.

Every footprint has a life
Every life comes with love
Joy, laughter and tears.
Memories of what we had
What we are and were.
The Lord’s footprints are us,
what he created in the space
every footprint is different
no-one is the same
The Lord loves all the same
He always has and always will.
Footprints look different
They are what’s left behind the memories,
the memory of fun of playing.
Most footprints are lost for long times
But sometimes found again by someone else to share the memory.
The Lord doesn’t forget he doesn’t forgive
However ask for his forgiveness
and he will love with the strongest most powerful heart ever.
We need to realise how small we are,
We may feel big, but will you ever leave yourself,
Your tiny strength and popularity
Would you just leave all yourself
All you had before to follow God?
Are you prepared to admit you’re useless without God?
You need him to survive
He is your salvation
He loves you more than the sun loves the sky
He feels him without you is like sea without sand.
Now I know I’m not willing to disappoint a God
who is powerful enough o create
tsunami’s hurricanes and volcanoes
He is stronger than the sea
Harder than rock brighter than the sun
He sees all
Hears all,
 And is all
He’s everywhere
Disappointing him is disappointing the angels in heaven
The birds in the sky
And the fish in the sea
He can do anything he likes by the click of a finger
He has reason for everything and it is always a good reason
No matter what people do or tell you
Trust in God
Then he will carry you all the way
He will take you back to your footprints
Your memories
And give you the will to live under his hand.
He has and will always love you no matter what