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FFP Article Apr 2012

So, what group are you going to tell us about?

I’m going to tell you about Film, Faith & Photography because I like going to it.

OK, why do you like this group? What’s your favorite thing about Film, Faith & Photography?

I like going because it’s showing people about Jesus in modern technological devices today. It inspires children to learn about Jesus through films, animations and photos.
I really like it because the things you do are really fun and the youth leaders are always willing to help you.

Excellent! That’s great to hear. What kind of things have you done in this group?

I have done an animation on The Creation, an animation showing that God loves you and an animation about identity.

Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy! Where did you get the inspiration for all these things?

I’m a very creative person, you see. I draw all the time and I’m very creative.

Video by young peope from Film, Faith and Photography group

Fantastic! So what has been your favourite thing to do as part of the group?

Being able to do anything that pops into our heads, whether it be a scribble down on paper or a full scale lights-camera-action movie. (But the biscuits are pretty good too!)

Anything else you’d like say?

Yes, I think you should come to FFP because it’s really fun and you gadgety kids can get  your mitts on a camera and click away.

Peter, FFP member