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Wildside Weekend Listening to God

posted 29 Jun 2011, 15:18 by kelly williams   [ updated 20 Jul 2011, 13:44 by Julian Garner ]

On a wet Friday evening a group of young people arrived at Wildside to spend 24 hours in the great outdoors, exploring the Christian faith. Much to the relief of everyone the sun came out just as we were putting up their tents! Everyone then spent some time getting to know each other and playing some icebreaker games, after which it was time to head off across the cow fields in the direction of Dunkeswell Abbey. On the way we explored the universe and distances between the planets!  The Abbey had been filled with tea lights and a spontaneous service was held, which included sharing, prayers, some Bible verses and a few songs. After arriving back at camp it was time for a night walk which was done without the aid of torches and at times was very dark! We discovered God is with us in the darkness. Everyone survived this challenge, and we were rewarded back at camp with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. The camp had been lit up with tea lights and everyone enjoyed the hot chocolate and time to share our experiences before bedtime.


The following morning everyone woke to the sound of a violin, and breakfast was cooked on the camp fire. After a few hours sleep and some food inside us we went off to do a still sit. Everyone was placed on their own in the woods and left to sit and enjoy a time of silence, to pray and to take in some of Gods amazing creation. Some people took this opportunity to write or draw and others just sat enjoying the sights and sounds around them. It was then time to meet a tree and give it a big hug, this was followed by fire making and shmores! The 24 hours came to a close after lunch back at the camp site and some wonderful chocolate banana’s cooked on the fire.



A poem about God written during the ‘still sit’ by one of the Squarefish young people


Powerful, yet gentle

Distant, yet tangible

Intimate, yet omnipresent

Non judgemental, yet all knowing

Fierce, yet caring

Forgiving, yet fair

Silent, yet present

God, yet my father,

Creator of the world.