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Squarefish: a model for rural ministry

posted 17 Nov 2013, 11:09 by Julian Garner   [ updated 17 Nov 2013, 11:09 ]
A visitor from the diocese joined us for the Squarefish Celebration and wrote this to the Bishop and Archdeacon the following day:

"Dear Nick and Christopher,

This weekend I went to a youth celebration in Uffculme that had been organised by Rev Selina Garner whose model for rural youth ministry I would like to commend to you.

As I’m sure you are both aware, it is not easy to overcome the effects of a scattered young population, poor to non-existent public transport, and minimal choice when it comes to venues for youth meetings.

However, without taking away from the qualities that many enjoy in rural life, Selina has managed to promote and develop squarefish an approach to youth ministry that celebrates diversity in the church, empowers young people in rural communities, provides training for volunteers, and encourages the small rural church with perhaps only two or three young people in attendance by networking and resourcing each individual church in its community.

I feel this model could have a lot to offer the many rural communities in our diocese and I thought you’d both appreciate to update."

Best Wishes
Paul Reisbach, Diocesan Youth Advisor, Council for Children and Young People, Exeter Diocese.