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Reflections written at St George’s House

posted 8 Mar 2014, 10:25 by Julian Garner   [ updated 7 Sep 2014, 01:15 ]

At St George’s House we were looking at the “I am” sayings of Jesus and the young people were challenged to imagine how Jesus might have described himself to us if he has been physically with us on our weekend. This is what Pippa came up with reflecting on her surfing experience in the sea at Putsborough and her afternoon workshop where she patiently cut and sanded a piece of oak in a cross shape.


I am the waves that you ride. I help you and give you the love and attention that you need. I give you an example to follow, just as the waves give you a path to surf. My love rolls on and on to get you to heaven, just as the waves keep coming to take you to the shore.


I am the sandpaper for my father to use on his amazing creations. I refine you and help you to shine out your true personality. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, helpfulness and self control will radiate from you as I smooth out your flaws. Just like this a carpenter smooths the wood, sanding and polishing to show the beautiful, perfect grain in his perfect creation.

Pippa (Year 7)

Suzie wrote the following and shared “I think it was God kind of just showing me the story of us, people and how stupid we can be, but that coz God is so perfect he can deal with it and if we ask him then he will turn stuff around for us.”

This is what she was inspired to write….

In the distance there stands a cross on a hill
My friend died on that cross on a hill. His beautiful body doesn’t hang there anymore, but still I journey there.
It’s the turning point. God made the world. God is massive; so much more. But then we turned away we shook hands with the devil and elbowed God out the way. But God still reached out a hand to us, and in the bad times we grabbed hold of his pinky for a while, but as soon as we were feeling good again we went back to partying with the devil.

So then, at the time he chose, God somehow stuffed his massiveness inside a human, and shed tears for us from among the straw in a manger. He grew somewhat, but not a lot in his terms, and showed us how we should be living, holding God’s hand and never trying to shrink his massiveness or elbowing him out of the way.

This Godly human that walked with us on our dirty soil was the one that died on the cross in the distance, and the cross is there coz yet again we tried to shrink God and elbow him out the way. Yet God, being the type of perfect guy he is, turn that to our advantage. Coz he still loved us you know, even though we tried to shrink him, elbowed him out the way and partied with his enemy.

This turning things to our advantage business is why my friend Jesus isn’t still hanging on that cross I'm desperately trying to get to. See, with all God’s massiveness he couldn’t cope with being tied up in death. So he showed a bit of muscle power like old Samson, only on a much more massive scale coz that’s the way God likes to go about things.

So anyway, this Godly human that God gave the human name of Jesus to came back to life. Yeah, he actually came back to life. So we’ve still got our friend Jesus to have a laugh and a cry with? Well yes, but now we walk with him in our hearts rather than his shoulder cruising level with ours.

Though, that’s not our real gain. It’s that God didn’t only untie himself from death, but he threw away our death ropes before we even get near them.

You see, our old party friend, the devil, likes to set us tricks and traps. And, being the unmassive, unGodly humans that we are we fall in these traps. This of course just makes us even less perfect and Godly, so coz of God’s perfect massiveness – a complete contrast to our relative tininess – this just drives us further from him. This of course is a problem as he loves us so much, so the reason of that cross is that it’s there to bridge the gap between us and God. A way of cancelling out all the rubbish we let the devil tell us.

Suzie Year 10