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Its nearly the end of my first term!

posted 7 Dec 2011, 04:13 by Peter Dawkins   [ updated 7 Dec 2011, 04:56 by Selina Garner ]

Well here I am at the end of my first term of youth-worker training! It seems like only a few weeks ago that I moved here and got stuck in with the work that is already going on. It hasn't always been easy and is has been ridiculously busy from time to time but, thanks to all of the people I have met and started to get to know, there hasn't been one moment where I've wanted to be anywhere else! 

Every week I take the long trek up the hill to Uffculme School at least twice. On a Tuesday I wander around school which I love because all you youth-y people are there! All the hilarious conversations we have keep me laughing! I have been helping out with rehearsals for the school musical, “Little Shop of Horrors.” There is also the Christian Union on a Friday lunchtime that I attend. Much joy to be had there too!

The after school things we offer at Square-corner are also brilliant. There is the Youth café on a Monday after school. We have food and drink, a Wii and Vicki and I are always there if you just want to come and chat! There is also the Film, Faith and Photography club that Vicki runs which aims to help young people explore faith through taking films and pictures. 

There have also been special events that I have helped run and loved. One of these took place in the half-term Holiday and was called “The Uffculme Slum Challenge.” We essentially got some of you young people to come into church for a sleepover with a difference. They slept in slums that they had to build themselves. They didn't have a ridiculous amount of sweets or pizza. The food the earned was rice with the optional extra (that had a price) of a sauce. After the sleep over, breakfast was what was left over from the night before. Cold and congealed rice. The aim of this was to help them get an idea of what it is like for so many of the people around the world who don't have a lot of the things that we do. They were also sponsored by their friends and family and all the money went to the Karen action group who help the Karen people who live on the Thai-Burma border. 

Amongst all of this I have to fit in planning, paperwork and Engage coursework. There is never dull moment. 

And then of course there is the training itself. I am doing the same course with SWYM (South West Youth Ministries) that Vicki did last year and I am loving it. Everything I do add to the journey of faith and learning. I know not everything is good all the time, but with God's help I am ploughing head-long into everything that comes my way and loving every minute of it!