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Inside Out Beauty

posted 4 Jan 2013, 09:19 by Claire Kidd

On a chilly Friday afternoon in late November, I took Antonia, Chanan, Emily and Suzie to Inside Out Beauty – a weekend camp just for girls, over in Exeter. We’d been told to bring a bed (yey sleeping on a church floor!), clothes and all the make-up and hair stuff we could carry!

We arrived and piled into the church, attached our name badges, and set up our beds. One we’d done that (and shared out a few spare pillows!) it was time for dinner, then to jump into our pajamas and dive in (not literally) to the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Oh yes! We ate lots of chocolate (or painted ourselves with it…Emily!), then watched a film and headed to bed.

After a lot of chatting and giggling (the leaders really enjoyed this…) we fell asleep, and after a slightly chilly night, it was time for day two! The morning was full up with talks and craft workshops (some lovely tote bags were created), and then we headed into Exeter for some shopping! We trawled the charity shops and each girl had £5 to spend, looking for something we could later customise for a fashion show! The purchases included jeans, scarves, handbags and buttons.

After a quick visit to the American sweet shop (shh!), we headed back to the church for lunch and then out came the sewing machines! The girls got busy and created some beautiful things, including a bag made out of a pair of jeans (something I’ve always wanted Chanan)! We then cleared away the sewing stuff and started to ready for the evening activity… a six-course meal! Once we were looking sufficiently glam we headed upstairs, where the room and tables had been decorated and sat down for our candlelit dinner.

Sunday morning we had a bit of a rush around tidying up, as the building is used as a church! We then said an early goodbye to Chanan (sob) and headed into town for our last Exeter activity! This time we were armed with a camera for our photo challenge (some photos attached!) in which we had to do lots of ridiculous (and some cool) things, like a human pyramid! We also had an interesting time finding out about some clothes shops ethical policies, and handing out a few flyers inviting people to download an app which told them (when a barcode is scanned) how fairly the item was produced. We also bought some donuts….! After a babyccino break in Costa, we headed back to church again for some lunch and jewellery making! Then it was time for our final talk, where Clair told us all about how God delights in us as women, and taught us that we need to be aware of some of the lies that the media tells us about our bodies and how we ‘should’ look! Clair also gave us each a copy of ‘The Father’s Love Letter’, which made me cry! I’ll upload that to the website too.

I had a lovely weekend and it was wonderful to spend some time with the girls! Thankyou!

Claire x