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A Holiday with a difference!

posted 29 Sep 2010, 12:17 by Julian Garner   [ updated 29 Sep 2010, 12:20 ]
Eight young people from St Mary’s spent a week on a Christian camp by the sea learning about following Jesus.

Alongside new friendships and new experiences each young person had a special story of discovering more about their relationship with Jesus. They spoke about discovering God in the hard places, in new forms of worship and inspired us to spend more time in prayer and reading the amazing stories and poetry in the Bible.

Some had taken up Lucy’s  idea to begin a prayer journal, a sort of diary written to God.

Nichole's story

Nichole came back from a Devon Christian Youth Camp (DCYC) and shares her experience with us...

“At first I was really nervous because I've not stayed away from home before but soon settled in and made lots of friends and had a lot of fun.

However, I would encourage other young people to go on a DCYC camp because I feel that worship, fellowship, and bible study helped bring me closer to God. I also found it a lot easier and a comfort to talk to other at camp because we shared the same things where as at school you find hard because they others just don't want to listen.

I realised I hadn't really known God before but now I've found him it's the best thing that happened to me."